About us

The Rare Pear Story

­ Founded in 2015 in Devon, England. Rare Pear was born from the idea that beautifully crafted Handbags & small leather goods can be designed and made to the highest standards, whilst creating a range that is truly unique. ​A​t Rare Pear, our ethos is to design a collection of signature products, made in England, using the very finest leathers, trims, materials and manufacturing techniques. All of this ensures that our products are individual, special and truly 'Rare Pear'.


At Rare Pear, the majority of our Collection is made in England. This is a fact we are extremely proud of and something that we have worked hard to achieve. It is at the very heart of our brand. Manufacturing by hand is something not a lot of brands do these days. This, for us, is the very essence of our company and something that we will only ever do. The traditional craftsmanship of making and creating Leather products, by hand, from scratch, is a rare thing. Every stage, throughout our production process, is lovingly done in this way. Highly skilled craftsman, locally employed, apply their extraordinary skill and passion to each and every product. Working from our Devon studio our range is meticulously cut, shaped, glued and stitched, to create a beautiful finished product, with keen attention to detail.

Whether it’s our hand trimmed bridle leather strapping, or our soft veg tan leather hides, that are lovingly buffed to reflect its natural beauty, each product that leaves our studio has had the highest standard of care and attention applied to it. We put an enormous amount of pride and dedication into each and every element that makes up a Rare Pear product.

To understand some of the processes that go into making a 'Rare Pear' have a look through our gallery.



How it all began

A little about the founders of Rare Pear, how their story began and where their journey has taken them so far....