The Topsham Photoshoot / Spring 201502 November 2015


One of the very first events that had us enthusiastically excited about the launch of Rare Pear was our first photoshoot. Leeds based agency Vast Digital have been supporting us on the launch, and came down for a visit to our factory in Topsham, Devon in early Spring of this year.


It was integral to us that the true essence of the brand came across in our photography, and subsequently the website, so whilst we were busy busy creating our debut collection of Rare Pears, we made sure that the whole process was documented from start to finish.


There are many stages that go into the process, from the initial designs to the final finishing touches. Shots were taken of Ben hard at work on the machinery we use to piece every element together, as well as shots of the Devonshire coast. The beauty of Topsham's landscape and its quirkiness is as important to the collection as the hands that craft it. It's the true personality of the brand; the heart of our creativity.


Individuality and a passion for all things unique are just a couple of elements that go into each and every individual piece that we hand create and will continue to create. As you will see from this selection of our favourite shots hand picked from the shoot (be sure to take a peak at our Materials page for more..), the devil is in the detail. From vibrant and exotic florals to show-stopping metallics, our carefully chosen fabrics and textures from all over the world are what make a Rare Pear. Take a look through some of the beautiful shots taken at the shoot to get a real feel for the processes involved in creating each and every piece…