Esme Tatu Tan



Unlined / Italian Natural Coloured VegTan Leather/ Limited Edition 'Tatu' Screen Print in Black / Black English Bridle Leather / straps/ tabs & detailing / Hot Red Zip / Dimensions - 28cm x 27cm / Made in England

Our gorgeous Veg Tan Leather is sourced from some of the best tanneries in Italy. Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather is one of the oldest methods of making leather & has been used for thousands of years. It uses natural tannins found in barks, wood & other parts of plants to convert animal skin into leather. This is the most environmentally friendly way to tan leather & the process is very lengthy, therefore expensive - but widely recognised as the most desirable for high quality products.

As the leather ages through use, it becomes more & more supple, soft & flexiable. The colour is natural, almost like a watercolour. For this reason the hide has to be almost perfect. No imperfections. 

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